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Image by Adam Whitlock

Nexus is our ministry for High School Students.  I'm not gonna lie, sometimes I miss high school (Pete - current Student Ministry Director)! It's a truly memorable, and exiting time in life.  So much of who I am began when I was in high school.  Nexus is here to help current high school students navigate this awesome & tricky time in life!  


Our goal is to help students develop an authentic relationship with God!  Authentic means that we are real.  No need to pretend we are perfect!  But when us messy folk start a REAL relationship with God, something incredible happens in our lives!  


Tuesday Nites from 6:45 - 8pm, we aim to help students do Just that in a fun atmosphere, and through developing community with one another!  If you are in high school, we hope you join us!

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